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Hanna and her friends are known by no one as "The Inner Circle"
Here's what we know about them so far.

Hanna B.
Hanna, when younger, was an Olympic level gymnast. During this time she was changed by an incident that taught her to not trust authority. She went on to a brief career in modeling from her Olympic fame. Later, she studied Criminal Justice, but did not complete college.
Angry at herself for not graduating she returned to modeling and became more famous than before, with a difference. At night she wears black garments and fights injustice wherever she finds it. She takes no credit as she finds that being famous during the day is enough.
Over the years she has assembled a small group of friends who help her as much as they can.
Hanna's best friend from childhood. They met as young teens at the Olympics. (That's a story yet to be told.)
Ophera is from the Moors of Scotland. She grew up in an ancient castle, raised by her grandfather.
Ophera's hobby is Caber Tossing and she is surprisely strong.
Ophera always wears something plaid at all times.
Hanna's second friend to become privvy to her secrets. While a famous runway model from England, Zoe also possesses some technical skills that Hanna finds useful from time to time.
Simone was the last to enter The Inner Circle for some time. From Brasil, Hanna's only reason for inviting Simone in was because of her "reckless disregard for pesonal safety. I can respect that", Hanna said.
Simone always wears festive colors.
Ahlba completes the Inner Circle. No one knows why Hanna brought her in and indeed her background appears very mysterious. What we do know is Hanna rescued her from an evil, power-hungry cult controlled by a man known only as "The Maestro". She appears to be from India or Bangladesh, but this is not clear yet.
The Artifact
This an object that Hanna found in the center of a Crop Circle in England. It contains the ability to change into incredibly useful tools at the right moment, though it is never under Hanna's control when this does happen.
The Enemy - Guys in Cheap Suits
It's not known who these guys are or what they want. They appeared to be well connected and even know all about Hanna's secret advetures. They do not seem to want to be exposed either, so thus far Hanna continues to research what they are and what they are after.
One thing is for sure, they want the Artifact but seem to a have a blind spot about it. The only thing they don't know about Hanna is that she possesses it.

Also look for info about POLLY HESTER, Hanna's arch enemy