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Welcome to Hanna's home!
Hanna B. is the world's least well-known super hero. At night she dons black and fights for her own instinctive form of justice. She represents no government agency nor is for hire by any suspicious organizations.

Her secret identity, however, is world famous. Being a super model provides the ability to access the world's biggest cities.

Site Updates

Aug 21st 2007

Added a Mary marvel story in graphic novel style. Take a look.

Nov 16th 2006

http://avatars.IMVU.com/odobilly should take you to my fashion site. I am a hot new designer there. You can't leave a message there without joing, but its free. Then you can buy my exclusive fashions for your avatar. Sometimes, I just give stuff away!

Aug 1st 2006

Wow, two new bits in as many days. I am creating a line of Hanna B. clothes for IMVU!

Join the fun there and see exclusive outfits you can get for your avatar. My page can be found as odobilly, use the Search.


July 31st 2006


On the Project Runway page you can see my entries for last season

and come back each week to see this one.

March 19th 2006

Hello and welcome my new friends in Korea. It is great to meet you.

I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork. Please tell me how you like it!

July 2005 - TA DAAA!!

Hanna B. Issue #1 is now available at


After this month it can still be found by Searching "Hanna B."

Dec 2004 - It's open! A place where you can buy Hanna B. and Polly Hester merchandise.


See y'all there, gang!

Message from Hanna

Welcome to all. First-timers and Old Hands.

Look around and set awhile.

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